TGM’s Meow

This is the first batch of my talking maus. 



Baby Cat


The Intruder


Cocky Gold




I call them “The Elites”. They are a combination of domesticated (Violet and Baby Cat) and stray (The Intruder, Cocky Gold, and Camouflager) cats whom I have accidentally encountered in my desultory life. The latter are known as “pusakal”  from pusang-kalye (cat that lives on the street) in our local lingo.  

Looking at my featured cats and then comparing their looks with my newfound catty friends here at wordpress, I unearthed something. It dawned on me that our own cat  breeds seemed to mirror the condition of  the Philippines, which belongs to the Third World countries. This made me wonder but more motivated to reunite with my kins, and let them speak their mind, and be proud about themselves.

Sooner, I hope they will find their niche in the cat world. 



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