Steamed Bun

I have been hearing anecdotes about Siopao or Steamed Bun from another cat lover that it got me curious about him. Teleporting myself, I have finally met my first talking mau with a breed. 

"Ehrmagerd! It's deprivation time again."

“Ehrmagerd! It’s deprivation time again.”

"Why are they making a big fuss out of my excessive weight? I feel purrfectly fine!"

“Why are they makin’ a big fuss out of my overweight? I feel purrfectly fine!”


“Better rehearse my well-thought of tactics to have my third servin’. Position 1: Heartbreakin’!”


“Uh-uh! Here comes, human. Shift to Position 2: Critical!”


“Wishin’… wishin’ to cause alarm and panic! Pleaaasssssse… Now on with the third position: Dead!”


“Darn, heartless human! I am now havin’ muscle cramps and you haven’t even glanced at me.”

 SIGHTING: Undisclosed location in Paranaque City

Photo credit: The Fowl

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