The Luster

Achieving a para-celebrity status (thanks to Marc-André for the exposure at, Steamed Bun has suddenly become the object of someone’s attention and amorous desire. 


Hound: “What should a doggie like me do to make this ‘tomhunk’ notice me?”


Hound: “I hope that this close proximity leads him to like me.”


Steamed Bun: “Back off, hound. Leave me in peace!”                                    

Hound: “Oopsy! You playing hard-to-get, kitty-cat?”


Steamed Bun: “No time for flirts like you. Look for your own kind.”

Hound: “Aren’t you a believer of  ‘Opposites attract’ ?”


Steamed Bun: “Opposites attract my !@#$%^&*

Hound: “Hey, human, I need some back up here. Lemme up on this divan sofa.”


Hound: “Sniff… sniff… This looks and smells perfect for my plan.”  

Steamed Bun: “You’re pissing me off now, hound. You’ll regret this.”


Hound: “Can you blame me for this unfathomable but beautiful feeling?”    

Steamed Bun: “Sicko!”

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