The Drama

I had the luck of being intimate with Violet and Baby Cat just recently. Indeed, only a cat can understand another cat in distress.


“Hey, Baby Cat, you there?”


“Zero response which means to say it’s  again fiesta time for me.”


“Well, he would understand anyway.  Munch, munch, munch!”


Baby Cat: “Forgot about me, your Baby Cat, Violet?”

Violet: “I… I thought you wouldn’t be home this soon.”


Baby Cat: “Too bad I am home, foul smelling and with a grumbling stomach.”  

Violet: “Hey, Babe! I’m sor…”


“Human, don’t I deserve your empathy? I’m hungry and Violet has forgotten all about me for the nth time.”


“She has been like that lately. Insensitive for my own needs.”


“Mea culpa. Baby cat has nothing for lunch again. Should I break the good news so he’ll understand my tripled appetite” 

 SIGHTING: Mystic Brew, 511 Capitoline Hill St., BF Resort Village, Las Pinas, 1740 Metro Manila

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